Summer is the perfect time to explore less snowy parts of the outdoor world. Warmer temperatures and longer days make it easy to hop in the car and head somewhere new. Whether you are the camping type or more of a resort traveler, we wanted to share our favorite west-coast mountain locations to travel too during the off-season.


1. Yosemite: for the camper:

- Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, this national park features waterfalls, giant trees and breathtaking views. If you enjoy outdoor living and long hikes, this place is for you. You can drive through the park for a day or stay a few days in the park camping, both options are great to see some unforgettable spots.


3. Aspen, Snowmass: for someone who prefers resort amenities and travel:

- Aspen is one of our favorite places to visit in the winter season but the summer offers some amazing activities as well. Hiking, mountain biking and yoga are some of the more popular activities in this area during the summer. If you are into yoga and meditation, we recommend checking out Wanderlust. This weekend festival offers yoga, art and concert fun. The best part might be staying in one of the 5-star resorts all while being in nature. Not to worry though, you will still get your outdoor fill as your hotel views are of the beautiful Colorado mountains. Bring your family, go on a girls trip or go on a weekend getaway, you won’t regret it.

5. Zion National Park: for someone who want’s to access resort amenities and dabble in camping:

- This national park offers red rock views and plush mountain greenery. Located outside of St. George Utah, this beautiful spot features world-renown hikes and one of a kind views. These hikes and locations are very accessible to visit and with a small town just outside of the park, you can go in and out of the park to eat, sleep and relax with ease. We recommend going early though if you plan on going during the summer, parking gets tough and it does tend to get crowded mid-day. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or someone who like to dabble in the outdoor world while enjoying resort comforts, each of these locations has something incredible to offer. Be sure to put one of these locations on the books for a summer trip. The perfect off-season places to explore.


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